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Kinsale Junior School

Our Aims

Aims of the school

In all our dealings with the children in our care we aim to develop the full potential of each individual. Every pupil is helped to progress through the educational process at an appropriate rate so that he or she may realise that potential. In order to bring this about we believe that it is essential to foster development in the following areas:


We aim to introduce each child to the ways of knowing the world, so that s/he is helped to develop a lively, enquiring mind with the ability to think, question and argue rationally. At the same time we aim to develop the skills (particularly of reading, writing, listening and speaking, number and research), which will help the child to learn, and to make learning an enjoyable and successful experience.


We aim to encourage each child in his or her development towards full and active membership of society, enabling him or her to cooperate happily with others.


We aim to aid the individual's physical development so that he or she is strong, healthy and equipped with the physical skills, which will enable full participation in the activities of the school, and life in general.


We aim to provide a safe and caring environment in which each pupil can experience and test relationships, develop a positive self-image and his or her own individuality.


We aim to develop an awareness of moral values, a respect for oneself, a tolerance for and understanding of the way of life of others and a concern for their rights.


We aim to introduce the child to an understanding of culture and religion

Kinsale Junior School, Kinsale Avenue, Hellesdon, Norwich, NR6 5SG

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